Love Others As Yourself

Immediately after hearing her story, I knew she would be the newest addition to the wall. I admire anyone who survives a traumatic experience and uses it to encourage others. Prayers spoken for this sweet one are an investment with a high return.

FullSizeRenderOn what Amber described as “the worst day of her life,” she walked into an abortion clinic as protesters threw trash at her. Let that sink in. A young girl walked into a clinic as people hurled rubbish and hurtful words at her. She said it only confirmed her thoughts of feeling as if she were trash herself. It was a lie. She was never trash. She was beautiful then and beautiful now. Read more about her story here. 

I can hardly type the words “they threw trash at her” without tears trickling down my face. Lord, help us. The world has lost its mind.

Jesus said to love Him with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31). He also said there is no greater command than doing this. Then He dropped the mic. Not really. There were no microphones back then, but he would have dropped something. It was that powerful.

Amber now uses her past experience to encourage others through Save the Storks. The non-profit organization offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, and amazing resources to those considering abortion. They park mobile units outside of abortion clinics, make sure the women know all of their options, and give her love and support. If a woman chooses to receive an abortion, they love on her even more as she walks out of that clinic and they offer her post-abortion counseling. 4 out of 5 women who step into their mobile centers choose not to walk into the abortion clinic afterward.

Will you pray for Amber today? She’s engaging in outstanding work as she shares her story of God’s power, redemption, and grace. Will you be so brave as to love others as yourself? Even if they do something you don’t like or agree with?

May we be so bold as to love others in a way that points them back to the One who redeems and loves in a powerful way. May we seek to love others on their best days and even more so on their worst. May we see beauty and value in each person we meet, no matter what differences we have. May we add light to a world hurting in its darkness.



Photo Credit – Ian Schneider







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