I’ve always been a cheerleader for what is fair. I love to see the bad guy get led off in handcuffs at the end of the movie. I feel relief when justice is served. If I’m being totally honest, my heart tends to long for wrong-doers to get exactly what they deserve. (WARNING Jeremiah 17:9) This morning, I found myself wrestling with something specific. Suddenly, it was as if I heard the Lord say, “You don’t deserve to be called daughter, and yet I still give you that name.” Oh, how I adore that name He has given to me. Sometimes, we only like justice when it doesn’t apply to us personally. Grace. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s an undeserved gift. Easy to accept but hard to give. Would you be willing to give grace as freely as you take it today? Our world is starving for it, and our Savior calls us to it.

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