Children’s Book Review- The Handy Dandys: The New Dandy Toolbox

Our most recent book purchase did not disappoint. The Handy Dandys: The New Dandy Toolbox is a fun book with an easy to follow storyline. It kept two little energetic boys’ attention without relying on any silly, gross, or superhero aspects. That’s a hurdle to conquer in itself that qualifies it as a winner in my book. In this well-illustrated story, Annie Dandy and her father build a toolbox together. Annie’s Dad recalls a scripture in the Bible and teaches Annie about hearts being like toolboxes where Biblical Truths can be stored as tools to be used when needed. It’s super cute and a great visual for kids to understand the importance and value in memorizing scripture.

Our two boys have been having fun memorizing verses lately. This book was timely as we work on memorizing verses as a family. If you want to build up your own heart’s toolbox of memorized scripture, I highly suggest you get your children involved. It’s humbling as they do it with more ease than us old folks. It’s also a little convicting to not slack off when your child is trying harder than you. In the end, everyone wins.

The Handy Dandys are a sweet family, and we hope they give us more stories to build our libraries and Biblical Truths to store in our hearts. Buy your copy today, or consider requesting your library purchase a copy for your community to share.

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