Speak Life

I was in labor for 33 hours with my firstborn. I made it to 10 cm and pushed for an hour, but that sweet boy refused to drop down into the birth canal. I had developed an ever-rising fever, and we all decided a C-section was probably best for our son. Unfortunately, all the surgical rooms were occupied at the large hospital we were at. We were told there was a 45-minute wait until I would be prepped for surgery. The wait seemed horrific, as I was in pain and so tired. A few minutes later, my son’s heartbeat disappeared off the monitor.


Babies’ heart rates are known to do that. Wiggly babies move around in bellies, and the belts need to be adjusted to pick up the sound again. The nurses reassured me this was precisely what was happening to me. However, they couldn’t seem to find the heartbeat after moving the belt. They looked concerned, and I started to panic as more nurses came in, and the mood in the room shifted.


During the commotion, my sister stepped out of the room as nurses were coming in. One barked an order to another to “Get oxygen on Mom.” As my sister waited in the hallway, she overheard my doctor yelling on the phone. He was telling someone he didn’t care if there weren’t any surgical rooms available. He said they needed to make one available immediately for me.


As the oxygen mask was being placed on me, I started to cry. Sensing my fear, a sweet nurse bent down to my level and said, “Beth, you have labored over 30 hours. You are physically and emotionally exhausted. That’s why this all seems so scary, but it’s all going to be okay. This is not a big deal. Your baby is fine.”


Thank God for good nurses. I believed her. She spoke words of life, even if she didn’t believe the words herself. I calmed down, was encouraged, and gained strength to endure. Later, I learned a team of people were outside my room rushing around and discussing how serious things actually were. Inside the room, I was sheltered and had a peace that covered me with a blanket. This was all because my nurse spoke life-giving words to me.


Words are powerful. Words can calm a storm. Words can empower the weak.


Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21


A few minutes later, I was rushed to a surgical room, and our completely healthy 9lb 10 oz miracle was born with a perfect Apgar score.


Do you know of someone in the midst of a storm? Bend down to their level and speak life to them. Are you in the center of a storm yourself? Speak words of life. Shout them loud enough your soul will have no choice but to hear. Believe them and let them drape down upon you like a blanket of peace.


Thank you to all the life-giving nurses who tirelessly and selflessly pour out to those in their care.


Photo Credit- Unsplash.com Hush-Naidoo



  1. This is amazing! I was just talking to my husband about this very topic! I even used that scripture. God is amazing! Speak LIFE even if you don’t see or believe it yourself in the moment! There’s power in our words! Amen! Great post!


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