You’re Invited

My favorite shop is about to have their Launch Party. I can hardly contain myself. My husband is probably tempted to hide our debit card, but he just happens to love the shop just as much as I do. Maybe more. Seriously, it’s that awesome.

27&Oak invests in artisans in Latin America and Africa to design, create, and sell handmade items – empowering families to participate in the healing process of their community.

Crazy talented artists create handmade pieces, and those pieces are sold through 27&Oak. When you make a purchase, you join with that artist to bring about change in their family and their community in need. Plus, you get to take home some amazing products. Win/Win.

A few of my favorite things: Ezer Bags, Greeting Cards, Apparel, Canvas Art, and even Freshly Roasted Coffee.


Here’s a picture of our boys wearing their 27&Oak t-shirts at the shop. They love 27&Oak. Be like them and love it too.

Here’s the best part- You’re invited to 27&Oak’s Launch Party on the evening of October 12th. Come for live music, food, coffee, and to see their products in person. If you are in the Dallas area, plan to join us there! You can RSVP here. You can place an online order here.

I don’t want you to miss out on making a difference in such an easy way. Join me in on October 12th!




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