Top 5 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas


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This will be our third Easter where we don’t shower our children with candy. Our dietary needs changed a few years ago and forced us to alter the way we celebrate holidays. We don’t stuff baskets full of jelly beans or foil wrapped chocolate eggs anymore. Now we get creative with gifts that provide experiences and moments of fun instead. I quickly learned memories of activities last longer than memories of eating any chocolate bunny ever will. Although the change was hard at first, it has proved to be more fun than ever.

Top 5 Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas

1. Kids Gardening Tools– Pick up some seeds at a discount store, add some dirt from your backyard, and make some gardening memories. It’s so fun to grow some vegetables the kids might want to try in a few months. We love to plant flowers and get excited to see them bloom.

2. Butterfly Habitat– Find a caterpillar crawling on a leaf outside or order some from the site on the box. This year we are ordering a container of 5 caterpillars. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be just as excited as the kids about this one.

3. Resurrection Eggs– These eggs come filled with things that help explain what Easter is all about. They take you and your kiddos through the Easter story and Ressurection. In other words, these are the best Easter eggs ever!

4. Let’s Go Fly a Kite– Get outside, find an open field with no power lines, and soak up some vitamin D. The cost of the kite doesn’t necessarily mean it is more fun. Some of our best kite flying memories were made with $2 kites from the discount store.

5. Easter Book– My kiddos love books. I love that they love books. No one covers a holiday in children’s books better than the Berenstain Bears. Here’s a great one to snag if you don’t already have it.

Despite what the world tells us, Easter is not about a bunny, candy, the perfect glazed ham, or pastel baskets full of plastic eggs sitting on fake grass. Easter is about Jesus. May we remember this truth as we celebrate and fill up fun baskets.

Photo Credit- Annie Spratt


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