Hope and Healing

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I was in physical pain every day. My blood pressure was extremely low, which in turn left me with no energy. I was rapidly losing more weight than I had to spare, and even healthy food seemed to be making me sick. I was in survival mode every minute and was not being the wife and mother I longed to be. This went on day after day for over a year.

At first, I was diagnosed with food poisoning. Next, they said it could be an infection. Tests were performed. Scans were taken. More tests were performed. Still, I had no real answers or relief. In the midst of it all, I noticed a small bump near my belly button. Later it was confirmed to be an umbilical hernia. And a short time after that, I learned I had two Umbilical hernias and a sliding Hiatal hernia. The Hiatal hernia was impacting my digestion, nutrition absorption, blood pressure, and causing me unrelenting pain.

How does one end up with three hernias? There are various ways, I suppose. The reason mine developed is directly related to the fact that my frame is small, and I carried two very large babies. Because of their size, my abdomen was split, resulting in a gap known as Diastasis Recti.

My precious children are worth hernias and the physical pain I’ve endured. However, the chronic pain and discomfort were wearing on me. We prayed every day for relief from the pain I was having. The surgeon explained surgery could be done. However since my diastasis was so severe, it would be major surgery with a very long recovery. Also, insurance wouldn’t cover it because the insurance companies consider the surgery cosmetic. In the end, there was no guarantee the pain would go away from the Hiatal hernia, even if surgery was performed.

Days turned into months, months turned into a year, and I was in pain almost every single day. I started to wonder if I had a terminal disease the doctors were missing. I started to wonder if I would be in pain every day for the rest of my life. I sought out second, third, fourth, and more opinions. It seemed no one could give me a definite answer. All kinds of doctors and professionals (ie. doctors, physical therapists, surgeon) examined me and gave me no hope of a guarantee for healing.


In a last-ditch effort of easing the chronic pain, I started searching online for anyone who had a similar story. It was there I stumbled upon The Tummy Team website and programs. Here, a physical therapist would walk me through an online rehab program. The Tummy Team doesn’t just help those with Diastasis issues but also offers help to those dealing with all kinds of abdominal core rehab. A couple weeks into the program, I noticed I wasn’t in as much pain. By the time I finished the two-month program, I had no pain. I was finally beginning to heal. I currently am not in pain and haven’t been since I finished The Tummy Team program.

Sometimes we pray and get the answer we want immediately. Sometimes we don’t get the answer we want at all. Sometimes we pray and pray and pray, The Lord says to wait, and then He answers when He’s done allowing the pain to serve a purpose in our life.

Words do not describe my gratitude to a Lord who graciously removes the burden of chronic pain. I’m reminded every pain-free day of His power and blessings.

Just before all my symptoms began, I had spent several months exercising with a popular workout program. It was hardcore, and I loved it, especially the abs program. This was probably the worst thing I could have been doing for my body. In fact, it probably contributed to the hernias and made my Diastasis Recti worse. As they say, hindsight is 20/20.


Now, I workout with the Fit2b team and love it! At first, I worried their workouts would be too gentle and not challenge me enough. I gave it a chance and was proved wrong. Fit2b is for everyone. However, they specialize in “tummy safe” exercises that won’t damage your core. This is crucial for anyone recovering from abdominal trauma. They have gentle workouts and intense workouts. They have pregnancy workouts, postpartum workouts, and even family workouts to do with your little ones. For the first time in a long time, I’m finally getting stronger, feeling great, and enjoying exercise again.

If you need a supportive workout program, check out Fit2b. They have online forums with a community and make it so easy for you to workout at any level. If you have abdomen trauma, Diastasis Recti, are pregnant, or want to learn more about building up your core, check out The Tummy Team.

I decided it was time to share my story of the pain and healing. Why? Because I know it will encourage others who may be needing the encouragement or information I was desperate for not long ago.

If you are in pain or discomfort today, be encouraged. The One who heals, defies the odds, overpowers the opinions of professionals, and plays by His own set of rules. He hears every prayer from a child in pain. He has a plan and is powerful in His ways.





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